Pontevedra, Spain October 17 11.5 miles

The vines are supported by thick cement posts.

We read about the community spring being used for laundry before there was running water in houses. We looked up and there was a lady scrubbing her clothes on the stone edge!

Camino moments like this are my favorites. A young entrepreneur drove his truck to a lovely site in the woods and offered cold drinks, hot bacon on bread gratis and excellent opportunities for time to sit with other pilgrims. We can laugh and talk even when we don’t share a common language.

I am always so happy to hear “buen camino” from the locals. They are so very supportive.

Luckily I like rainy days!

Redondela, Spain October 16 12.3 miles

Today was a short day which was nice since it was rainy. Here is our lame Maids in the Mist photo.

We followed a cool wiggly line most of the day.

I love artists who find ways to entertain us on the way.

The floating platforms in the bay are aquaculture, raising mussels.

Were they worried that the gourds were too heavy or that pilgrims would steal them?

We ended our day with almost two hours of searching for the room we had booked ahead. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go back to walking into an albergue and assuming they’ll have room for us.

Vigo October 15 15.4 miles

We had the most beautiful walk this morning.

We think this guy was spearing octopus.

These are stairways we saw as we entered Vigo.

It was fun for me to visit a town I visited on my cruise. I was here in early May and went out to the Cies Islands. Our hotel overlooks this statue of a merman. I took the same picture in May!

We have a lovely apartment. Rae is our chef.

This dog stays in the square in front of the cathedral and drops the ball so it rolls down the steps. It appears that he has no master.

I remembered that there was a tiny street with basket merchants. He weaves his own baskets.

There is a ship in port. Nice memories.

San Pedro das Ramallosa October 14 13.2 miles

The coast here is so different from Portugal’s coast. There are no fragile dunes so we walk on the rocks.Just before this path, we were walking through lakes in a downpour.We couldn’t find breakfast and passed one lunch spot then found an amazing garden. We asked for coffee and he offered us a bowl of his Galacia soup. Ahhhhh! He was making fresh mint tea as we left.We crossed a zig-zag bridge built around 1300.We each have private rooms tonight in a beautiful old church building.

Viladesuso, Spain October 13 15.1 miles

We took a water taxi across the Minho River into Spain bright and early this morning. The pilot stepped on the gas as we reached the dock…a little rush as we entered Spain!

We were separated for a bit. Rae told some pilgrims that she had lost her friends. They said, “No worries. You’ll meet new friends.”

We didn’t see a single four-footed farm animal in Portugal but we never thought about it until we saw cows and a horse this morning.

Caminah, Portugal October 12 18.8 miles

We are meeting new camino friends…

Olga from Russia…

the girls from Spain…

Sylvia from Italy…

Marion and Zigma from Germany.

The beach at Praia Norte has two pools built on the tidal pools. Can you imagine how beautiful they are as infinity pools at high tide?

Four fortresses were built around 1630 to defend against the Algerian pirates.

These men searched the tidal pools for limpets.

Viana do Costelo October 11 15.8 miles

Today’s walk felt more like a traditional pilgrimage. We walked up and down hills, through tiny villages and through woods. I loved it!

Couve is used in soups.

We saw these grain bins throughout Spain.

We were thrilled to get a room for three with a private bath. We don’t often appreciate pink crisp sheets!!! Last night’s albergue offered bunks for 22 pilgrims (snoring shook the floor all night), no blankets, and lights turned on at random times.

Marinhas October 10 18.7 miles

These gardens, called masseiras (troughs), are dug in the sand to protect the veggies from wind and to trap warm air. They use seaweed for fertilizers. The crops are beautiful.

This may look like my batman cape but it is really my wet laundry. It takes ages to dry clothes in this damp sea air so we wear the damp pieces.

We enjoy little fishing towns.

The round “silos” are windmills.

Pavoa da Varzim October 9 13.4 miles

We walked along the coast again today, on sidewalks and boardwalks.

Our only excursion away from the coast was into Vila do Conde to cross a river.

We saw a few areas with these stone pillars. Wonder what they are all about?We walked through the historic district of Pavoa da Varzim.

Every square has chestnuts roasting. over coals.
A pilgrim from Germany urged us to go see the sunset.

LaBruge, Portugal October 8 18.3 miles

I’m alking the Portugese Camino with Erika and Rae.

We had a lovely walk along the Douro River then headed north along the Atlantic, mostly on boardwalk.

There were the most beautiful fresh flowers above this church door.

On this large bronze statue, only the infant’s hand was polished.

A lady who was pruning hedges offered me a pretty flower.